NITCON Assists

New Entrepreneurs: Guidance & Planning

  • Identification of profitable industrial project opportunities.
  • Preparation of project profiles/ pre-investment studies.
  • Market Surveys/ Studies.
  • Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports.
  • Identification and selection of Plant/ Process/ Equipment.
  • Liaison with Government agencies and financial institutions for speedy implementation of projects.
  • Turnkey services for new projects, right from conception to commissioning stage.
  • General guidance, Technical and Commercial counseling for setting up new industrial projects.

Existing Units: Planning for Sustained Growth

  • Guidance Planning in areas of Modernisation, Expansion and Diversification and Drawing up plans for a sustained growth.
  • In-house Training programmes.
  • Help in identifying problems of the unit and recommending specific corrective measures.
  • Management, Marketing, Technical and Financial Consultancy services.
  • Industrial Engineering Studies.
  • Project Monitoring.
  • Assisting restructuring of units, companies, etc.
  • Energy Management/ Conservation.

Weak Units: Profit Enhancement, Revival, Nursing and Rehabilitation packages

  • Diagnostic studies to assess the working of existing units and reasons for sickness.
  • Rehabilitation Plans for reviving sick units.
  • Action Plans for nursing units back to health and monitoring the implementation of such plans.
  • Technical, Management and Commercial Counselling.

Financial Institutions (SFC and Commercial Banks): Detailed Studies

  • Project Appraisal, Monitoring and Sick Unit Revival Studies, BIFR cases, Industry-wise studies, etc.
  • Undertaking of Market Surveys and Studies.
  • Conducting Diagnostic studies of defaulting units and preparing Rehabilitation Plans.
  • Project Appraisals (Techno-Economic Appraisals).
  • Site/ Location Selection Surveys.
  • Valuation of Assets
  • Stock Audits.

Industrial Agencies and Government Departments: Surveys, Trainings

  • Area Development Studies/ Surveys.
  • Drawing up Integrated Industrial Development Plans.
  • Industrial Potential Surveys.
  • Project Opportunities Identification and Surveys, Project Profiles and Detailed Project Reports.
  • Planning infrastructural requirements (land, power, water, etc.).
  • Assessment studies of impact of incentives and other Government measures on industrialization.
  • Cost benefit analysis of industrial/ other projects: Cost Vs. Net Economic Benefit to the State.
  • Entrepreneurship Development/ Management Training Programmes.